Investors to Uppster are more than just capital. We are seeking operational expertise, hands-on entrepreneur advice, and a supportive community.

We develop technology to support Bottom Up Economy. Our tech team build smart solutions to help small local businesses to drive economic growth and innovation through simpler, cheaper and more direct access to technology, information and customers in their city.


Vroom   –  Mappylist  – Uxbots – DishwasherHero

Ways to invest

Seed investments

As a reduced-risk approach to investing in great tech startups.  Seed rounds are typically $50-100k and are “pre-launch”.

Angel Investments

Around $500k in investment where the companies have generally launched their product into the market and have validated their business model but have not scaled their business.

Investor Enquiry

Are you interested in investing in Uppster? We offer investors the opportunity to join and to invest in a tax-effective investment vehicle with a growing, diversified portfolio of early-stage tech startup.

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